Revelation and End Times Events

T. Kem Oberholtzer Ph.D. instructs on the book of Revelation in this 12-part video series.

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Intro and Chapter 1:  The Vision of the Messiah
Chapter 2 and 3:       The Message to the 7 Churches
Chapter 2 and 3:        The Pre-Trib Rapture
Chapter 4 and 5:       The Heavenly Throne Room / A Crack in the Universe
Chapter 6 and 7:       The Seal Judgments
Chapter 8 and 9:       The Seventh Seal and Trumpet Judgments
Chapter 10 and 11:    The Little Scrolls and the Two Witnesses
Chapter 12 and 13:    The Woman/Dragon/Rise of the Beast and False Prophet
Chapter 14 and 15:    144,000 Witnesses, Anticipation of the Bowl Judgments
Chapter 16:               The Bowl Judgments
Chapter 17 and 18:    The Two Babylons
Chapter 19 and 20:    Messiah's 2nd Coming / Armageddon/Binding of Satan
Chapter 21 and 22:    New Heavens and Earth – The Eternal State

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