Welcome to the Grace Rock Video and Audio Library. Thanks for stopping by to see what is currently available from Dr. Oberholtzer. Listed below are a number of courses currently available. Some of the series are taught in an informal setting with some interactions with the class. Other studies are taught in a more formal setting with teaching first and then Q & A.   Thank you!

Grace Rock Ministries believes in “grace giving” & “hilarious givers” (2 Cor. 8-9).


Book Studies


This is a verse by verse study of the New Testament book. Hebrews is constructed around a series of five major warnings to the readers. The book presents Jesus as Superior to all else in the cosmos. The Messiah Jesus is presented in all of His glory, majesty and superiority to religious systems. Practical applications are made throughout to encourage you to a life of holiness and deeper walk with the Lord.   (Dr. O did his Ph.D. dissertation on Hebrews Warnings)

(9 DVDs or Digital Download) 32 Lessons


Revelation and End Times Events

Dr. Oberholtzer instructs on the book of Revelation in this 12-part video series.
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(3 DVDs or Digital Download) 12 Lessons


Topical Studies

Prophecy Series

This is a study of key Biblical Prophecies of the Old and New Testaments. Some of the selected topics are The Abrahamic Covenant (Key to the Bible) and Daniel’s Prophecies. Other topics are The Anti-Christs (Political & Religious), Prophetic Timelines, Jesus’ Teaching on End Times, The Rapture of the Church, The War of Armageddon, The Millennial Kingdom and much more. Practical applications are made throughout the study for your daily walk. Click Here for More Info

(7 DVDs or Digital Download) 26 Lessons



Spiritual Warfare

This is a topical study on Spiritual Warfare and what the Bible teaches. Topics include The World, Flesh & Devil, How to Overcome in Spiritual Warfare, The Devil and His methods in the lives of people, Good Angles vs. Demons, The Believer and Demons, How to Persevere in Spiritual Warfare, Demon “Possession” in the lives of people, and The Believers’ protection in their daily lives against the World, Flesh and Devil. Personal applications are made throughout the entire study.

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(3 DVDs) 10 Lessons


The Place of Pain in Spiritual Growth

(Digital Download) 1 Audio mp3 Lesson



The Spirit Filled Life

(Digital Download) 2 Audio mp3 Lessons