The Theological Nature of Evil and the Failure to Recognize It Today!

A few years back in a TV interview with a retired Mossad Agent the host said the US would win the ongoing “war on terrorism” due to the Military resources and reach.  The retired Mossad agent replied, “You (America) will not win the war on terror because you do not understand the true nature of evil.” That interview caught my attention as a theologian/professor with almost 30 years of teaching.  So, I thought my way through the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures to inquire how God and Nations dealt with “the Problem of Evil” or “nature of evil.”

A brief overview begins with the acceptance of the Hebrew Narrative of the Fall of Satan (Ezek. 28) and the reality of the “nature/essence of evil.” By its very essence it is always self-deceiving and death is its ultimate goal (Jhn. 8:44).  No one can “appease or placate” it unless it percieves progress toward its own agenda of destruction.  Evil will “dance and negotiate” with one but one must realize in the end it will only do what it believes will move its agenda of destruction forward.  It is a harsh illusion for us to realize this is a non-negotible in evils’ thinking.

Evil is dealt with in at least three clear ways in the Judeo-Christian teachings: 1) Confront & Destroy it completely or it will come back to destroy you (1 Samuel 15:3-9), King Saul failed the Lord’s command and it came back later to plague Israel. 2) Confront & Contain it so it is bound (2 Kings 6:8-23). When Elijah & his servant where surrounded by Syria seeking their demise, Elijah prayed, the Lord revealed an Angelic Host protecting the two and they caused temporay blindness of the Syrians until they brought the into Samaria and fed them.  By feeding his enemies, Elijah had put these warriors in debt to him and they could not seek to harm him. 3) Conversion of the Soul of the Evil one.  Explain the truth that Israel’s Messiah, Yeshua had come to earth, freely gave His perfect life for the sin of the world and those who chose to trust/believe in Him for their sin will receive a new nature/life and be able to overcome evil. (Isaiah 52:13-53:12 cf. John 3:16).  This is the starting point for a permanent solution to the Adversary & his desire of your destruction and a lifeless existence now and in eternity without the Lord.

Welcome to Grace Rock & “How’s Your Walk?”

Welcome to our new ministry website and blog.  I will be making posts bi-weekly to encourage a deepening of your walk with Jesus.

“How’s Your Walk?”

Galatians 5:16 states “walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.”  Galatians 5:25 states “…let us also walk by the Spirit.”  The verses (5:17-24) between the two “walks” give instruction on the various activities of “walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit.”  The term “walk” is used in 5:16 & 5:25 to bracket the importance of the teaching of the “flesh vs. Spirit.”

There is a subtle shift in terms for “walk” in 5:16 & 5:25 calling the readers to “walk in the Spirit.”  Galatians 5:16 uses the term “walk” for a “conduct of life” (lit. as you walk around).   Your mindset should be dependence on the Holy Spirit.  Galatians 5:22 uses a different word for “walk” pointing out the “individual steps/footprints.” Each and every thought and activity in our lives is to be directed  by the Holy Spirt.

Are you walking by the Spirit in your thoughts, actions and words?